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Affinity Insurance Brokers is in no way associated with or owned by Aveo. Aveo does not earn commissions or fees from the sale of any insurance products, and is not involved in the process for making a claim under any policy that may be purchased by a resident. Any policy that may be purchased by a resident would be done directly by them, in consultation with Affinity Insurance Brokers and without the involvement of Aveo. While it remains each resident’s obligation, as per their residence agreement, to secure and maintain home contents insurance for safeguarding property and mitigating against public liability claims within individual units, the choice to utilise Affinity Insurance Brokers offering, or any other available product/service, is entirely at each individual resident’s discretion. Aveo makes no assertion, claim, warranty or other recommendation as to the appropriateness or efficacy of any advice or product offered through or in connection with Affinity Insurance Brokers. You should decide whether to purchase insurance and if the product and coverage is right for you. You should also seek independent advice where necessary.