Farm Insurance

Affinity caters to the needs of farmers, without the fuss. Affinity can cover your farm and farm machinery against loss, motor vehicles, home and contents against burglary, and plenty more.

Our Farm Insurance policies enable you to: Mix and match cover options to suit your farm, Pay only for the cover options you require.

Farms and agricultural businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Affinity Farm Insurance can protect both your personal and business assets and is flexible enough to cover a wide range of farming and other agribusinesses.

The cover provides for replacement value of your farm buildings, machinery, fencing, hay, livestock and contents against such events as fire, storms and other defined events.

As part of your Affinity Farm Insurance policy, we cover your home and contents for loss and or damage as defined. We protect your farm from loss or damage due to burglary or theft of farm contents and equipment.

Even today's machinery breaks down and the consequences are unimaginable. Affinity Farm Insurance policy protects you against breakdown of machinery and explosion or collapse of boilers and pressure vessels and a range of protection for electronic equipment.

Motor vehicles keep your business moving, whether they are cars, trucks, utilities, trailers or tractors We can offer cover for your vehicles against damage caused by accident or fire and against theft. Cover can also includes up to $20 million for legal liability claims for property damage or personal injury caused by the use of an insured registered vehicle.